Betting in Asia

For those based in SE Asia, more specifically Indonesia you may be a bit more restricted on where you can gamble. For example big sites like Ladbrokes don’t operate in the country/ Laws seem to vary depending on exactly where in the country you live (and even who you ask) but there are plenty of operators who do take players from herefor example 365bet

The actual law in Indonesia has said gambling is illegal, but various loopholes allow operators to take players but considering how quickly the local economy (and that of the rest of SE Asia) is growing operators are still happy to take their custom. Players will often circumnavigate filters by using VPNs or Proxies to access the sites or even use alternative website URLs which have been setup by the operators.

For example in China, where bet365 accept a number of high-rolling asian players they have been known to setup random strings i.e. for temporary websites which their clients can then access. Once the Chinese government catches on and bans the address they can move on to the next one.

There are numerous countries that specifically target Indonesian and Asian players, the economies are growing at an incredible rate and china has more millionaires than anywhere else in the world, they also have a rapidly growing middle class who have, for the first time in their lives, got plenty of money! The Chinese also love to gamble which is evident by the explosion of Macau and the fact that it takes in substantially more revenue than vegas each year. In fact, thanks to it’s incredibly strong local economies┬áMacau now has 7 times the annual revenue of vegas!!

So what does the future hold for Indonesia and Aian in general? we hope the government realises their is no way to really block out their users from getting what they want, anyone with a bit of technical knowledge can get around the firewalls, governments need to realise that adults are capable of making up their own mind when it comes to things like drinking, gambling drugs and to just accept it, tax it and become and stronger economy because of it!

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